City Dental Hobart

Dr Alan Carlton (retired) & Dr Ernest Dixon (retired)

City Dental Hobart is centrally located directly above Minimax (previously Country Road) on Collins Street right in the heart of the Hobart CBD.

The practice was started over 25 years ago by Dr Alan Carlton where it was run as a small family practice called Alan Carlton Dental.  In 2014 Alan Carlton suffered from a medical issue and immediately called on Martin Fernando and the team at City Dental to manage his practice.  While thankfully Alan has made a swift recovery he decided to take the opportunity to retire and spend a little more time with his grand children.

The practice has now been completely renovated and two dentists operate the practice from Monday to Friday.

A letter from Dr Alan Carlton

To my patients,

On the 8/10/15 I suffered a medical emergency. In the middle of the night I had what is commonly called a stroke (or acquired brain injury). I was admitted to the Royal Hobart Hospital and was unfit for working as a dentist.

Luckily we were able to contact Dr Martin Fernando and he helped considerably by taking over and running the practice. We are very grateful for everything that Martin has done in the last few months and he is now running the practice fulltime. His reputation as a dentist is unparalleled. To sum up I can say "He is a quality dentist who does quality dental work."

Apart from his work, there are two other things which please me about Martin. The first one is his family. His wife is often to be seen at the practice with their baby asleep in a basinet. It reminds me of a few years ago to see baby Mia asleep behind the counter next to her Mum. It is a beautiful look to see the two of them together in reception.

The second thing that pleases me is that Martin went to school in Hobart. He is a born and bred Hobart person and he understands Tasmania and Tasmanians. When you talk about your next local trip he will know where you went and what the place is well known for. He is a Tasmanian.

As for the future. I would be very happy if you developed a good relationship with Martin or one of his team. It is not a slight to me. I think it is possible to have a good relationship with one dentist and then another. Personally for the last few months I have been recovering and now I need a filling and I will be shortly returning to the practice to get this done.

I wish Martin, his family and his staff all the best for the future. I know it will be good.

Regards Alan Carlton,


First Floor

119 Collins Street, Hobart, 7000

(Above Minimax)


(03) 6234 1303