The Child Benefit Dental Schedule

At City Dental we are passionate about children's dental health. That's why we've embraced the federal governments latest dental scheme and will be providing all services performed under the CDBS bulk billed, free, with no out-of-pocket expense. Now is a great time to get your child in to see one of our lovely dentists.

We will schedule an initial assessment appointment where one of our dentists will fully assess your child's teeth and take the time to educate them on good habits to look after their teeth in the long-term. If there is any dental work needed we will fully inform you and your child about what is required and organise the necessary appointments. All bulk billed with no cost to you.

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) provides access to benefits for basic dental services to around 3.4 million children aged 2-17 years.
The total benefit entitlement is capped at $1,000 per child over a two calendar year period. The CDBS has a means test, which requires receipt of Family Tax Benefit Part A (FTB-A) or a relevant Australian Government payment.

The CDBS provides individual benefits for a range of services including examinations, x-rays, cleaning, fissure sealing, root canals and extractions. Benefits are not available for orthodontic or cosmetic dental work and cannot be paid for any services provided in a hospital.

At City Dental we will be bulk billing all services provided under the CDBS so there will be nothing for you to pay. If you have received a letter from Medicare confirming your eligibility or you think your child may be eligible then call us now to confirm your eligibility over the phone and arrange your FREE bulk billed appointment.

Free Bulk Billed Dental For Children

Is my child eligible?

Children who are part of a family who recieve Family Tax Benefit A (FTB-A) or a relavent Australian government payment are eligible. Your child must be aged between two and 17 years and hold a valid Medicare card. Eligibility is assessed at the start of each year and lasts the whole calander year.

How do i know if my child is eligible?

This year Medicare has been sending confimation letters to eligible families, teenagers and approved care organisations. If you have been contacted, then all you need to do to start receiving quality free (bulk-billed) dental care is contact us to schedule your child's dental appointment.

If you are unsure of your child's eligibility simply phone us on 6272 8253 and we can check your child's eligibility over the phone and schedule an appointment. Alternatively, you can contact Medicare directly on 132011.

What services are covered?

The child dental benefit schedule covers a range of dental services including; dental examination, scaling and cleaning, dental x-rays, fillings, fissure sealants, extractions and root canal treatments. Benefits are not available for orthodontic or cosmetic dental work and cannot be paid for any services provided in a hospital.

Will I have to pay anything?

NO. At City Dental we will be bulk billing all services performed under the CDBS. This means there will be nothing to pay for your childs dental care, provided that the treatment does not exceed the $1000 cap. We will swipe your medicare card and bulk bill medicare directly for any treatment performed.

A $60 fee will be charged for missed appointments and those cancelled without at least 3 hours notice. Appointments cancelled with more than 3 hours notice will not attract any cancellation fees.

What if my child's treatment plan exceeds $1000?

We are very conservative dentists and aim to prevent dental problems from developing through proper education rather than fixing them. It would be rare that a child's initial treatment plan would exceed the $1000 cap.

On the off chance that your child's treatment plan is expected to exceed the cap you will be informed during the initial assessment and treatment planning appointment. You child's dentist will then discuss the most suitable treatment option to suit your child. No dental treatment will be performed without your prior consent and there will be no costs for you to pay without prior approval and treatment planning.

What if I have private health insurance?

At City Dental we accept all major health funds.  As preferred providers for many health funds your out of pocket expense could be very low.  Feel free to give us a call, or visit our private health insurance page to find out more.